Business Telephone Line Installation

Which Phone System to Choose For Your Business?

There are different factors that will help us determine the best telephone line installation for your business; the size and scope of your office, whether you have several offices, how flexible your employees are, and whether you need any special features from your new system are all.

When it comes to small business telephone line installations, there are two critical choices nowadays.

The first is a private branch exchange (PABX). This is the more conventional system, in which calls are made over an external telephone line. You can also connect internal phone lines to a public network.

The second form of system is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), this is the type of technology used with NBN phone services. This is an internet-based telephone system that allows users to make and receive calls. Its popularity is increasing to the point that most PABX phone systems now provide IP points to take advantage of VOIP’s benefits. 

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