Local Internet Technicians

What I need to know before the local internet technician visits?

If an internet technician is needed as part of your connection to the network, TSS Telco will organise the appointment for you and notify you of the details. If you are a tenant, you must have your landlord or body corporate’s approval for the internet or nbn installation.

Decide the location where you want to install the equipment. We suggest you, the internet connection device inside your home should be:

1. Near a power point plug or switch

2. In a cool, dry, ventilated area where it can be checked easily

3. In a central location of your home to get the best Wi-Fi signal

If you have been seeing into cabling and the internet, you must be knowing that there is a large number of options and we know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to you to go between different companies to get one small job done. That is why, at TSS Telco, we offer a complete range of internet installation services to make things as easy as possible for everyone. Our Local Internet Technicians are qualified to do their job done accurately. No job is too small or big, we have seen it all be it big or small! so give us a call in no time and we can discuss all the options available for you and get your work done in no time with accuracy OfCourse!

In few cases, the internet technician may require access to your premises, and you or someone at least 18 years of age will need to be there for the complete time of the appointment.

If due to some unavoidable reasons, you cannot be there at the time of installation, the person who will be InCharge at that time must also be able to make decisions on your behalf about the installation of service.

Protocols which should be followed during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic:

The safety of our customers and staffs is our priority.

Appointment Booking

When booking your appointment with TSS Telco Technicians, you will be questioned if you or anyone in your home or premises is unwell or has been exposed to the person has coronavirus.

Please answer all above questions honestly and accurately so our staff or our other customers are not at risk. We may need to postpone the appointment for everyone’s safety.

The technician will finish its work at your premises. This will (may be or may not be depending upon the requirement) involve testing your wall outlets, installing equipment for your new service, checking your internet connection within the home or premises and outside it or connecting a laptop.

Our internet technicians come to your home or business and provide a range of solutions: improving speed, fixing dropout faults, data cabling, NBN installation, mesh wifi, wifi access point, and more

Telco Technicians dedicated to installing and repairing; phones, internet, and other technology. We come to you, to help enhance your home life, or optimise your business. Call us today: 0436 103 953

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