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Your service provider won't help with your internet problem? We have a private NBN technician that will!

Telephone Installation & Repairs In Gold Coast

The internet specialist for all your internet needs

Is your poor internet affecting home life? Are you tired of having wifi problems? Do you need faster, more reliable internet for work or study? Help is here!

Our telecommunications technician is your local internet expert. And unlike IT techs and electricians, internet is our main focus.

We can solve a range of internet problems without the fuss. And help you when NBN and your service provider won’t.

You can say goodbye to slow speed and dropouts so you can watch Netflix interruption-free.

We’ll make life easier by setting up good internet connections to your computer, smartphone, tablet, home hub and much more.


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"The technician was on time and listened carefully to all of my problems. He was concerned for my distress and was very focussed on finding the best solution for me. He fixed the internet problem and helped me sort some issues with my provider. It was an all-around good experience. I would highly recommend this business to anyone!'

Sir Frank Moore | Queensland Tourism Advocate

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