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About The Business

NBN Technician

TSS Telco is a business that provides you with a private technician to help you with your internet when your service provider won’t.

If you have an internet problem, be careful you don’t hire the wrong person. Many other service professionals do a bit of this work on the side, but they can get stuck and sometimes make matters worse. This is like hiring a handyman to do your plumbing instead of getting a plumber. So you're better off contacting an internet tech for your internet needs.

Our quality of service is maintained by always focusing on what’s best for the customer. We look at how to improve your work, study or leisure time, and then find the right solution for your budget. We also want to know what your experience is like when we work for you. So any feedback on how you feel, good or bad, is always valued.

When you book one of our techs, you will get an ACMA licensed telecommunications technician, with a police check and liability insurance.

About the owner

Telecommunications technician

Alex Frot

I’ve always had a fascination with technology and a drive to help people, so being a telco technician has been a good fit.

Since 2009, I have been a telecommunications contractor, doing installation and fault repair for many different service providers. Over the years, I have dealt with thousands of customers having problems with their phone and internet. And so many of them have not had their problem fixed and they’re not getting the right support from their provider. This can waste hours of time and it can go on for weeks, not to mention the distress caused.

For years there were reminders every day that there is a big demand for extra support in this area. I believe that your internet connection is very important and your problems should not be taken lightly. I feel as though it is my calling to help people in this area. And so this business was created.