Data Cabling Installation Cost

Pricing for data cabling can vary depending on a lot of things. Some of the main factors are- the technician’s travel time, the cable length, cable type, the data cable installation path, and whether it is for residential or business. 

The distance of a data cable usually doesn’t extend beyond 30 metres in length between each data point. The average installation takes about 2 hours. But every install is different.

With many services matching websites; Service Seeking, Airtasker and HiPages etc., data cabling installer tasks will come through their dumping systems to an individual freelancer. And the internet technician you receive may charge more than usual to make up for the fees charged by the service matching business. And with some systems, the professional has to give a fixed quote for network cabling installation before having an opportunity to see the building. For these reasons, the professionals may over-quote. And if they go onsite to realise they had under-quoted a big job, they may cut corners to saving time or materials.

A reputable cable installation company will charge fair prices to their customers and perform quality work. They will follow the guidelines set by the industry authorities and offer transparency to the customer about the work performed. And they will give a unique fixed quote for each data socket and cabling installation, based on the work and materials involved for that particular job. 

TSS Telco’s internet technician specialists have done many data cabling installation and maintenance jobs in Gold Coast and nearby areas.

Technicians at TSS are professional data cable / network cable installers that help you with a struggle-free install of your office and home.

If you would like to find out more about our data cabling installation services or would like to arrange a quote, contact us now;

Phone: 0436 103 953


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