Internet Repair in the Gold Coast

TSS Telco technicians can repair all types of internet connections. We can help you with installation and issues such as slow speeds, drop outs and disconnection. Our services include checking your sockets and cabling, and other possible issues that may be causing your internet to work slow or drop out.

These are the internet repair steps (according to TSS Telco):

Step 1 Checking incoming live service from Network

Step 2 Ensuring and testing all internal phone and internet cabling

Step 3 Testing wall sockets and offering replacement or relocation if required (if corroded or damaged)

Step 4 Testing the modem/router

Step 5 Testing your internet devices- computer, smartphone, tablet, TV etc.

TSS Telco provides all-round internet support and repair services on the Gold Coast, including regional areas. We make sure that our internet technicians are capable enough to resolve your internet or NBN issues prior to attending site.

Our most important value is to provide our customers an exceptional experience, giving assurance that TSS Telco’s certified internet technicians will provide you with a quality service for all kind of work related to internet or NBN, for our customers on the Gold Coast.

The quality of service that our internet technicians provide, is maintained by always focusing on what’s best for you. We look at how to improve your work, study or leisure time, and then find the right solution for your budget. We also want to know what your experience is like when we work for you. So, any feedback on how you feel, good or bad, is always valued.

When you book one of our techs, you will get an ACMA licensed telecommunications technician, with police check and liability insurance.

We’ll make life easier by setting up good internet connections for your home or workplace.

Call us today on: 0436 103 953 or visit our website:

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