Internet Service providers are not always easy to deal with

Are you tired of a helpline not helping?

TSS Telco can assist by:

  • communicating on your behalf or by locating an effective communicator
  • giving instructions for the correct contacts and processes

Are you tired of spending too much time waiting for problems to be solved?

TSS Telco can assist by:

  • speeding up the process through pinpointing what needs to be fixed and whose responsibility it is
  • directing you to the appropriate department with your issues outlined for you with an action plan for resolution

Are you tired of not knowing what type of professional is needed for a task?

TSS Telco can assist by: recommending local service people specialising in –

  • AV and home theatre
  • Electrical computing and ICT
  • Security Systems

Are you tired of your business losing money from phone or internet faults without compensation?

TSS Telco can assist by:

  • creating shorter repair timespans through your provider
  • thoroughly inspecting your internal/private cabling and customer equipment
  • arranging reimbursement for phone and internet services that are not working properly, products purchased and ISP technicians fees

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