NBN Connection

When you switch to NBN from a regular landline fixed phone service, there are some changes that occur. All the phone sockets in the premises will no longer work. If you want to use a fixed phone, you will need this phone service to be active as part of your plan. And you will need a router that enables a phone service. The phone will need to be plugged in to the router as the original phone sockets will no longer work. If you would like the original phone points to work, this can be done by having the cabling in the premises changed. This is one of the services our registered cablers provide.

Each NBN technology has a different Network Boundary Point, this is where NBNco’s cabling ends, and yours begins. And because there are different types of NBN technology, the equipment at each network boundary point varies. If the modem, router or phone point needs to be moved, a registered cabler or technician can relocate them.

Relocation of NBN point involves following points:

  1. Choose a new location for your nbn box / modem.

If you already have an existing socket that can be used for your NBN connection, this can be used to connect the NBN box or modem. If you more than one socket, you can choose the one in your preferred location. If you don’t have an NBN socket or you don’t have one in the desired location, you can have one installed by a licensed technician that specialises in NBN cabling. If you’re unsure about the best place to put the socket, don’t stress, our experienced TSS Telco technicians can help you to find the best place to have it installed.

       2. Testing the complete setup from each corner of the house

The NBN technician will ensure that all of the phone and internet services are working as they should.

Our quality of service is maintained by always focusing on what’s best for the customer. We look at how to improve your work, study or leisure time, and then find the right solution for your budget. We also want to know what your experience is like when we work for you. So any feedback on how you feel, good or bad, is always valued.

When you book one of our techs, you will get an ACMA licensed telecommunications technician, with a police check and liability insurance.

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