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Electrician vs Telephone Technician – Who is the best to repair a phone line?


If you are in need of phone line installation or repair, there are some important things to consider before booking a “phone repair technician”.


The right choice of technician might make a difference in the overall customer experience and quality of work. When you need someone for an installation or repair job, whether you choose a telephone technician or electrician this is up to you.


When looking for a professional it is important to check that they have the ACMA Telecommunications Technician accreditation. Without this, the technician cannot legally do a telephone line installation or any type of NBN installation. An ACMA license allows the technician to perform cable work on your property, whether it is for business or residential

Next time you are choosing a tech for any repair or cabling work, ask yourself the question “Am I hiring the most skilled person for the job?” “Are they constantly working with the technology used on the end of my phone or data cabling?”


To make it simple; would you hire an electrician that mainly works on power systems and electrical appliances, to help with your phone or internet problem? Or would you prefer a licensed telephone technician that only works on phone and data cabling, and the technology used across these mediums daily?


If you ask a telco or NBN technician about electricians, they will tell you that many electricians leave a trail of destruction when they do telco work. For reasons such as; they are inexperienced, unlicensed, use the wrong equipment or install cabling incorrectly. The wrong professional can actually do more harm than good! It’s important to have someone that understands how phone and data cabling installation methods will impact all of the phone, internet and networking devices, in the home or workplace. 


Apart from the risk of the worker making things worse, there is also the risk of wasting time. Having time off work to get your phone line connected, to find out that the person you booked can’t do the job, can be a big letdown.


It’s a safer option to hire a telephone technician or private NBN technician, that has the right telco training, experience and equipment. These are the technicians that we provide.

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