Wi-Fi Calling

Are you curious about what Wi-Fi calling is all about? Here’s the rundown on what you need to know. 

Wifi calling gives you the ability to have a clear uninterrupted call on your mobile, even if you are in an area with a weak mobile signal or no signal at all. 

The ability to connect a call using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular one has been around us for years, with Skype being one of the oldest and first and of course most popular apps to do so. 

All you need is a recent smartphone, an internet connection through wifi and a service provider that enables wifi calling. For example, you can do wifi calling with an iPhone 7, that is with Telstra mobile, through an Optus NBN internet connection.  

To find out if your phone allows this feature, look it up online or contact the brand/manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc). If you’d like to know if your mobile phone service provider offers wifi calling, you can contact them.  

Mobile phones that enable wifi calling, usually have the wifi calling setting switched on. This is a default setting on most new mobile phones. But if you’d like to check the settings where you can switch this setting on or off, search on Google or Youtube ‘how do I switch on wifi calling for’ followed by your phone type (iPhone, Samsung etc). YouTube has many instructional videos on how to do this with many different mobile phone types.  

To test to see if it is already working, make sure the phone is connected to the wifi, then turn off your phone’s cellular connection. Then do a test phone call. If the phone call works, it is using wifi calling. To find out more about how to turn off the cellular connection on your phone, you can look it up on Google or YouTube ‘how do I switch off cellular’ followed by your phone type.  

If you’re interested in booking a technician for an onsite visit, contact us today. We can look for solutions to improve your call quality, to keep you connected without the calls breaking up or dropping out. 

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